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Promotional Brand Ambassadors, Inc. has been providing event staffing, promotional modeling, and other events related services. Today, we work with advertising and marketing agencies from coast to coast. Our services portfolio is extensive and covers the complete spectrum of society. We work directly or indirectly with Corporate America and are extremely proud of the many successes we have delivered our clients.

We are committed to bringing you the best possible promotional and events related staffs nationwide. The people we hire are professional, attractive, energetic, outgoing and able to interact with your targeted markets. We are eager to build upon your brand image through positive interactions.

We realize that a quick positive interaction is just as valuable as a long, detail-oriented experience. We maximize all exposures with talented individuals who dress for success, who are educated about the products or services being offered, and who are provided within your program budgets.

We staff programs large or small, from one to more than 100 people. We provide promotional ambassadors and specialists for programs that run from four hours to months at a time.

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Two Sides. One Vision

We’re on a mission to elevate your brand experience. Our nationwide team of professional, energetic, and outgoing staff is dedicated to creating positive interactions that enhance your brand image. From small events to large-scale programs, we provide talented individuals who embody success, knowledge, and affordability. Let’s make every interaction count and bring your vision to life!

Talent Management

We specialize in delivering exceptional talent and teams for brand and image-building initiatives. Serving as an extension of our clients’ staff, we collaborate directly with leading businesses worldwide, providing high-quality, results-oriented services. Our commitment to integrity, professionalism, and societal values ensures impactful results that exceed expectations.

Event Promotion

From conceptualization to execution, we specialize in event planning, promotion, staffing, and execution. Whether you’re hosting a corporate gathering, conference, or special celebration, our experienced team ensures seamless coordination and unforgettable experiences. Let us bring your vision to life and make your event a resounding success!

“I recently worked with JoAnn and her team as part of guerrilla marketing efforts at the San Diego Convention Center. Her team was professional, executed seamlessly and the results were far beyond expectation.”

Remy Allis Vice President, Global Marketing + Communications, Critigen

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Meet The Team

Karla Garcia


Karla has been working with Promotional Brand Ambassadors, Inc. for over five years. She started as a Brand Ambassador, worked herself into a Lead, an Event Manager and eventually Staffing Recruiter. She is a highly effective team player who has great presentation skills, contagious enthusiasm and deep rooted passion for excellence. She has established a reputation of blending creative and administrative abilities to achieve the desired results.

Kelly Keller


As an innovative marketing executive for over 20 years, Kelly shows her passion for creating business and bringing Promotional Brand Ambassadors, Inc. to the forefront of the industry from the moment you meet her. She is results-driven and this shows through the various strategies implemented to improve the bottom line not only for the company, but clients as well. Kelly received her B.S. in Marketing from Rutgers University and is a member of the American Marketing Association. As the Vice President of Marketing, Kelly focuses on marketing and strategic vision for the company.

Christian W. Smith, Jr.

chief executive officer

Chris is an innovator and creator of some of the most successful, non-threatening, marketing and sales tools ever utilized to promote products and services. He is the co-developer of the “Measure Up Challenge.” This program educates consumers about new vehicle releases while giving them motivation to enter into the purchase spectrum towards a sales outcome. The program has literally collected and followed the purchase patterns of millions of automotive consumers since its inception, including hundreds of thousands of sales for his automotive clients. Chris has the proven ability to create, design and prepare major marketing initiatives, from planning to execution and through to complete evaluation and follow-up. He is highly experienced at leveraging consumer interactive opportunities to build brand awareness and loyalty that results in new sales and sales increases.

Joann Aubry-Smith


JoAnn brings a vision encompassing over 25 years of experiential and event marketing that has taken the name of what is known today as Promotional Brand Ambassadors, Inc. As the President, JoAnn leads the company with a global strategy focusing on innovative technologies, improved client services, quality recruitment and training programs, and achieving goals above and beyond client expectations. She attended West Chester University and Barbizon School of Modeling. Her career started out as a bridal and swimsuit model before becoming a promotional specialist working with automotive giant, General Motors (GM) and its multiple divisions including Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and many others. Today, she founded one of the most successful promotional staffing agencies working within the event and experiential marketing arena.
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